watch dogs trophies

Watch Dogs trophies bekend?

Er komt steeds meer informatie naar buiten omtrent Watch Dogs. En gelukkig maar want elke gamer heeft weer zin in een top titel. Vorige week verscheen er een multiplayer trailer en vandaag zijn de trophies bekend gemaakt. Dit is te lezen op het Ubisoft Forum.

Als je op bovenstaande link hebt geklikt kom je er al gauw achter dat deze trophies incorrect zijn. Dit word op het forum vermeld door Community Developer Nik. Hij zegt het volgende, namelijk:

Hey guys,

While it’s great that some are you are still finding new info about the game, I’m afraid most of this is incorrect.

The achievements listed above are fake so anything you have read in there should be disregarded.
I’m posting this due to concerns that spoilers may have been seen in here… worry not.

Keep checking back with us. We’ll let you know when the real thing is ready to be shared.



Nu verschijnen er op diverse game sites complete lijsten met trophies. Sommige zijn totaal anders! waar of niet, wat denken jullie? (Onderstaande lijst is afkomstig van vg247).

General achievements

  • 50G – Invincible: Complete The Final Chapter
  • 15G – Thief!: Steal A Total Of $25,000,000
  • 15G – Pawn Takes King: Pawn Off Items Worth More Than $10,000,000
  • 10G – Side Step: Complete 50 Side Missions
  • 15G – Side Swipe: Complete 105 Side Missions
  • 20G – Back Side: Complete All Side Missions
  • 10G – Petty Thug: Kill 100 Innocent Civilians
  • 20G – Crook: Kill 250 Innocent Civilians
  • 25G – Murder One: Kill 501 Innocent Civilians
  • 50G – Messiah: Complete Single Player Stealing Less Than $50,000
  • 25G – Human: Complete Single Player Stealing Less Than $150,000
  • 5G – Lucifer: Complete Single Player Stealing More Than $10,000,000
  • 30G – Around The World: Travel A Total Distance Of 40,075 Km
  • 30G – Dead Ded: Track Down And Murder 10 DeadSec Members
  • 10G – The Lesser Evil: Hack 500 Different Civilians
  • 25G – Just Evil: Hack 50 Different Electronic Devices
  • 25G – Disruption: Disrupt The Flow Of Traffic 50 times
  • 5G – Upgrader: Upgrade Your Phone
  • 5G – Beautiful: Find The Aspiring Hacker
  • 5G – Lovers: Create A Dating Profile Online
  • 10G – Smashing: Smash 1,000 Windows
  • 35G – I Have An Ego: See Yourself On 100 Different TV Sets
  • 5G – Walk Over Me: Walk From Abrahams Apartment To The Grill In Under 4 Minutes
  • 10G – Peter Beale: Get The Dirt On Peter Beale
  • 20G – Visitor: Visit 100 Different Players Worlds
  • 10G – Co-Operative Theft: Steal A Total Of $100,000,000 From Other Players
  • 10G – Gone Phishing: Collect 20 Different Species Of Fish – Not All Of Them Are In Your World
  • 25G – ID Theft: Steal Another Players Identity And Commit 10 Crimes In Their World
  • 10G – Got You: Successfully Stop Yourself Being Hacked 25 Times
  • 25G – Caught: Get Caught Hacking In 50 Other Worlds
  • 10G – Kill Kill Kill: Kill 100 Innocent Civilians In Another Players World
  • 40G – Generous: Donate $100,000,000 To Other Players In Their World
  • 30G – Help Me: Help Another Player In Trouble
  • 5G – Dynamic Duo: Jump To Your Death With Another Player

Watch Dogs Secret Achievements

  • 25G – Starting Out: Complete Chapter I
  • 25G – Newbie: Complete Chapter III
  • 25G – Learning: Complete Chapter V
  • 25G – Keen And Eager: Complete Chapter VII
  • 25G – Anonymous: Complete Chapter VIII
  • 25G – Hacker: Complete Chapter X
  • 25G – Spy: Complete Chapter XII
  • 25G – Invisible: Complete Chapter XV
  • 25G – Master: Complete Chapter XVII
  • 50G – Filthy Rich: Have A Bank Balance Of Over $1,000,000,000
  • 5G – West Side: Travel Beyond The City Limits
  • 20G – Wreck It: Destroy 100 Cars
  • 15G – Train Me: Travel On The Train Roof For 5 Minutes Without Alerting Police
  • 5G – Perfect Angel: Don’t Kill Harriet
  • 25G – Enter My Room: Enter 250 Different Buildings In Other Worlds
  • 15G – Metro Murder: Observe 10 Train Crashes In Other Worlds