Alien Isolation Trauma DLC kost €6,99 euro

SEGA heeft bekend gemaakt dat de Trauma DLC voor Alien Isolation nu te downloaden is voor elke platform. Trauma is de tweede Survivor Mode add-on pack en zal een nieuwe speelbare personage, maps, missies en game modi bevatten. Mocht je de vorige DLC nog niet hebben aangeschaft en toch alles uit Alien Isolation willen halen dan kun je ook voor de Season Pass gaan die je 25% korting geeft. Alle DLC pakketten moet in maart 2015 gereleased zijn.

Trauma DLC

Wat kun je verwachten van de Trauma DLC

In ‘Trauma’, players can enter three new Survivor Mode maps as Sevastopol’s medical officer, Dr Lingard. Having a crisis of conscience and feeling responsible for bringing the creature on board, she holds herself liable for the death and destruction carved out across the station as the Alien is let loose on its inhabitants. Concerned her research on the creature could fall in to the wrong hands, she sets out to destroy her data and do what she can to help those survivors in need of medical attention. As Lingard, players are challenged to compete across three new Survivor Mode maps, ‘Reoperation’, ‘Crawl Space’ and ‘Overrun’. With a limited load-out of small arms and distraction devices, the station’s Working Joe androids on aggressive alert and the Alien hunting in the shadows, taking a top-tier time on the global leaderboards has never been more challenging.

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