Nog meer knallen met Tower of Guns!

De retail versie van Tower of Guns komt er aan en deze bevat allerlei nieuwe elementen. Tower of Guns zal daarnaast ook nog in een speciale Limited Edition Steelbook verkrijgbaar zijn. Wat kunnen jullie allemaal verwachten?


Nieuwe wapens:

Brick Layer –  Creëer platformen om op hoger gelegen platformen te komen.
Rubber Band Gun – Deze gun lanceert spelers als een katapult over grote afstanden.
Stavinator – Stuiterende staven die enorm veel schade aanrichten.
Banker’s Delight –  Een machtige granaatwerper die alles kan vernietigen.

Nieuwe Game Modi:

High RollerAre you feeling dangerous? High Roller Mode is a risky endeavour with a modern twist. Both you and your foes deal ten times the amount of damage, but you’ll regenerate if you can avoid taking hits. ToG’s already frantic gameplay reaches new levels of stress when every shot is potentially lethal. Fortunately, you’ll also have the new Stavinator Gun to help you survive.

HotfootHotfoot Mode’s free unlimited jumps might sound liberating…until you realize that landing hurts. Navigate ToG’s chaotic environments in a whole new way as you avoid bullets, enemies and now–the floor!

MysteryExperiment with the new gun, The Banker’s Delight, in this strange twist of game play. You’re granted the Mystery Box Item and Random badges drop more often, making this mode a very dangerous gamble.

Rubber BandEver wondered what it feels like to be a tennis ball? Take a leap and let your bullets guide you on a tour of insanity as you swap between two special guns: Ol’ Painless and the new Rubber Band Gun. Try not to vault yourself directly into a nest of spinbots.