Kleurrijke robots en spannende gevechten in TENKAI KNIGHTS: Brave Battle!

TENKAI KNIGHTS: Brave Battle is een exclusieve game voor de Nintendo 3DS en Bandai Namco heeft vandaag nieuwe screenshots uitgebracht. Ook vertellen ze wat over de zogenaamde “Robofusion” gameplay.

“Robofusion is a higher level of shapeshifting that occurs only when Tenkai energy is perfectly in sync to produce a robot form that is bigger and much more powerful than any single robot unit. The legendary Tenkai Knights will be able to enter Robofusion mode with an ally to combine powers for a limited amount of time during battle and utilize a combination of attacks depending on which ally they are fused with to overpower the enemy’s brutal attacks.”

TENKAI KNIGHTS: Brave Battle zal overigens vanaf 26 september verkrijgbaar zijn voor de Nintendo 3DS.