Tekken Card Tournament.1


TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT heeft een nieuwe update gekregen. TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT kun je spelen op je smartphone, tablet en de browser op de PC.

De line-up van de nieuwe functies en content in TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT 2.0 is als volgt:

Game Visuals and Character Customization

· Hwoarang is back (3D model and Cards) with dazzling new character effects

· 2 new texture skins and more than 12 items for each character, plus character viewer

· New item shop

Team features

· Team description and icon

· Team power-ups: 32 different special items to bring bonuses to each of your team mates

· Team shop and stats

Tournament features

· New Tournament screens (summary plus current and previous rankings)

· Special Tournaments with specific entry conditions: minimum player level, deck maturity, character selection, ELO