In Six Miles Under draait het om wraak…

In Six Miles Under speel je de rol van Preston Trencher, een zogenaamde “Enforcer” die zijn onschuld probeert te bewijzen en een prijs op zijn hoofd heeft staan. Zijn tijd is bijna op en niemand is te vertrouwen, het is tijd voor een potje goede ouderwetse wraak! Wie doen er mee?

“Six Miles Under is set in a dark, dank but enigmatic environment, one that’s been ravaged by an unforseen nuclear apocalpyse, forcing all remaining humans to live deep, deep underground. Presenting a slick 2D combat system and diverse counter system, players can use enemies’ weapons against them, bury them under a barrage of rocks or even just simply throw them off of a moving train. The dynamic fight system allows players to keep the action going, keeping the game’s hero alive for his journey whilst exploring an underground prison that’s turned into a city and last bastion of hope for humanity.”

Wat maakt Six Miles Under leuk?

  • Dynamic combat system with multitude of enemies and unique boss fights.
  • Diverse counter system. Each enemy is countered differently and with different results.
  • Avoid environmental hazards and utilize them to dispatch your enemies.
  • Atmospheric art style with HD backgrounds
  • Extensive soundtrack with lots of metal music
  • Story of betrayal and revenge set in underground prison turned city.