Veel problemen van SimCity zijn nu verholpen door patches.

Geef je stad een groen uiterlijk met een Charging Station.

SimCity heeft gratis DLC gekregen in de vorm van een Nissan LEAF Charging Station. EA over de gratis DLC:

Need an extra incentive to go green in SimCity? Maybe you need a little boost in the form of the new Nissan LEAF® Charging Station that is available today. This free in-game item is the perfect way to kick start your desire to create a city that will make you (and your Sims) happy. In the case of your Sims, In the case of your Sims, the Charging Station provides happiness to the Sims that use it and a onetime wave of happiness to the nearby businesses. Need another bonus? It produces no sewage or garbage. That’s right! Green indeed.

Hoe voeg je de Nissan LEAF Charging Station toe aan je stad?:

To redeem the Charging Station, just visit this Origin page ( and then restart your game in order for it to appear. You will need to use the same Origin ID that you use to play SimCity.

Laat ons weten of jij deze DLC gaat downloaden.

(Bron: EA)