Patch moet Aliens: Colonial Marines beter speelbaar maken.

Wat vind jij van de game tot nu toe?

Vandaag is er een patch uitgekomen voor Aliens: Colonial Marines. We zeiden het al in onze multiplayer preview en nu is de patch uitgekomen. Bekijk hieronder wat de patch moet verbeteren.


– General user interface improvements.
– Various performance improvements.
– Fixed issue where a door may not function properly if a Xeno was killed while opening it.
– Addressed issue where players could become stuck in a close encounter after killing a Lurker that had pounced them.
– Fixed collision issue where bullets would not pass through certain open doorways.
– Fixed an issue related to clients incorrectly interrupting Xeno melee encounters.
– Addressed an issue where doors would sometimes not open properly.
– Addressed an exploit where players could melee while throwing a grenade or placing a claymore.
– Fixed some collision detection issues that could result from a close encounter.
– Prevented campaign pop-ups from appearing outside of campaign.


– Fixed an issue that could prevent NPCs from getting on the elevator in the Sulaco.
– NPCs no longer attempt to open doors while being welded.
– Fixed issue where Raven could sometimes pass through welded door.
– Implementing a message to warn players that campaign progress will be overwritten if they try to start an offline campaign game from within the co-op campaign UI.
– Adjusted the distance between players before they’re warped to the location of furthest player in co-op.
– Fixed issue where torch would sometimes appear incorrectly to co-op clients.
– Fixed issue where difficulty could sometimes become stuck incorrectly after switching modes.
– Fixed issue where co-op player would not recover properly after being saved from a close encounter.
– Fixed issue where Russian players could not drop into a co-op match in some missions.
– Updated late-game close encounter moment to disable player input, which could cause them to become stuck.
– Splitscreen: Weapon Radial menu no longer appears for other players when the pause menu is opened.
– Splitscreen: Fixed issue where if the Game Menu is opened while accessing the Weapon Radial, it stays up on does not function properly.


– Resolved issue where campaign Motion Tracker could incorrectly in multiplayer loadouts.
– Fixed issue where clients would sometimes be invisible after spawning in No Hope in Hadleys.
– Multiplayer teams are now randomized (parties excluded) if percentage difference in scores is greater than 15%
– ‘Switch Teams’ option removed from the Pause menu.
– Corrected issue where server and client could get out-of-sync when switching out of a power-up while firing.
– Fixed issue where controller would vibrate during the scores screen if Rage ability was active upon match end.
– Fixed issue where Cloak ability would not conceal the Lurker when walking or jogging.
– Corrected bug where clients appeared to spawn outside of world before match start.
– Removed placeholder text from appearing on scoreboard in certain situations.
– Improved camera transition when Xeno enters a vent.
– Fixed issue where Xenomorph HUD could sometimes appear in the wrong color.
– Fixed issue with Spitter acid sometimes preventing players from deploying a Sentry Turret for a short while.
– Spitter’s “Acid Spray” now originates from the mouth.
– Escape: Fixed issue where Xenos could spawn in unplayable space.
– Escape: Fixed issue where Xeno players could lose functionality if warped to next area while in a vent.
– Escape: Addressed issues where players would spawn with no weapon if they were the last Marine to die in Escape.
– Escape: Fixed issue where Cat-Like Reflexes ability would not properly complete in an Escape match.
– Escape: Improved timing and placement of warp locations in Emergency Evac map.