Open Beta Hazard Ops van start op 16 juli

Ga jij meedoen aan de beta van Hazard Ops?

De open beta van Hazard Ops gaat 16 juli van start en daarmee is de gesloten beta periode bijna op zijn einde. Met de open beta wordt een nieuwe “King of the Hill” game mode en de nieuwe “Skull Island” level geïntroduceerd. Lees hieronder wat meer over de beta.

The open beta for Hazard Ops is drawing near, on the 16th of July Infernum will open the servers to welcome all mercenaries wishing to sign up and join the ranks of the International Coalition Forces. From that moment on, whoever is willing to fight will be able to join the fray through the official website The closed beta of the online third-person shooter will end on the 8th of July to allow a week of battle preparations for the Open beta.

The open beta will commence with a new battlefield and game mode for the mercenaries to explore. Troops will soon be deployed to Skull Island, where “x” doesn’t always mark the spot. The new game mode “King of the Hill” will be unveiled too, giving players the opportunity to ascend to the top and find out which team can come out on top.

Players who joined in the closed beta will have to say goodbye to their current character. However, all players who took part in our closed beta will receive at the beginning of the open beta a First Blood Pack as an exclusive reward to veterans. The database will soon be reset to allow the deployment of brand new servers for the open beta. Once the servers are open again to all mercenaries, veterans and new recruits, they will find their account credited with all the currency used to purchase in-game items. To try out our in-game armory, founders will receive the gear associated to their pack.