SimCity heeft in twee weken 1.1 miljoen stuks verkocht.

Nieuwe patch komt direct na patch 1.7.

SimCity heeft de update 1.8 gekregen. De update moet wat bugs repareren en dergelijke. Bekijk hieronder de lijst.


– Police station can no longer hold more prisoners than the capacity.

– Added missing roof texture for certain commercial building.

– Added completion moment cinematic for Great Works.

– Visiting police cars have avatar of neighbor above them.

– Arcology Population reflects the population of the Arcology, not the city.

– Fixed a clog in the pipes where sewage would sometimes get backed up and act jittery.

– Region Wall will pop up when a new chat message has been received.

Road Improvements:

– Improvements to cases when connecting a new road to an existing road that goes over uneven terrain.

– Tuned some of the road snapping priorities to address some edge cases where it wasn’t behaving as desired

– Fixed a case where a new road would sometimes cause an existing road to change its shape drastically.

– Made Upgrade Roads mini-tutorial appear at appropriate time.

– Fix to four lane bridge to improve divider line placement.

Text Improvements:

– Clarified alerts about residents not moving in because of high taxes to state if it is residents, commercial businesses, or Industry that won’t move in because of high taxes.

– Improved text and icons on cities in region view.

– Updated text for “Become a Suburban City” mission to improve clarity.

– Updated requirements text for HazMat garage for clarity.