The Muppets Filmavonturen op PlayStation Vita

The Muppets Filmavonturen verschijnt later dit jaar

De Muppets komen naar de PlayStation Vita in The Muppets Filmavonturen. In de game komen de Muppets in allerlei klassieke film scenes terecht. Je neemt het als Kermit op tegen aliens in de ruimte, Animal is bezig als cowboy en Miss Piggy is graag een barbaarse krijger. Lees hieronder wat meer over de game.

This epic adventure allows players to make the most of PS Vita’s functionality including the innovative rear touchpad and a full range of analogue inputs to fly spaceships, battle pirates and scale The Dark Tower as they journey across all five chaotic movie-themed environments.

Crammed with secret areas to explore and a plethora of hidden items to find – such as golden frogs, film reels and fame stars – The Muppets Movie Adventures boasts an incredibly rich gaming experience for all members of the family. Three DLC’s (containing three brand new movie genres) will also be available post-launch.