Meer details vrijgegeven over mysterieuze personage in Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse

Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse verschijnt op de PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One en Xbox 360

Bandai Namco komt met wat nieuws over de nieuwe Dragon Ball Z game genaamd Xenoverse. Er zijn namelijk wat nieuwe details vrijgegeven van een mysterieuze personage. Lees hieronder wat deze details zijn en laat ons eens weten of jij zit te wachten op Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse.

BANDAI NAMCO Games is proud to reveal new details on the mysterious character that has excited DRAGON BALL fans all over the world!

In DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE, the mysterious fighter will be allowed to blast his way into multiple famous battles from DRAGON BALL’s illustrious history! Thanks this, gamers will be presented with an unpredictable ‘DRAGON BALL’ experience; perhaps rewriting DRAGON BALL history as we know it! However, numerous questions still remain unanswered, such as: Who is this mysterious stranger wearing the scouter? What is the story behind this new character and why is he talking to Trunks? What is the purpose behind this mysterious room?

Bandai Namco geeft aan snel met meer nieuws te komen.