Hazard Ops beta update bevat onder andere nieuwe maps

Hazard Ops servers zijn vanaf nu 24/7 open

De Hazard Ops gesloten beta heeft nu nog meer content dankzij de nieuwste update “Ancient Evil” update die zeven nieuwe maps en nieuwe game modi toevoegen aan het spel. Lees hieronder meer over de update en bekijk de trailer.

The closed beta for Hazard Ops is roaring. Servers are now open 24/7 to allow as many of the closed beta mercenaries to join the fray whenever they want. After a successful deployment of the latest update, forces can now battle evil in even more diverse territories, such as the burning sands of Egypt or the deceptive quietness of China.

This new update doesn’t just bring a total of seven new maps to the game, but it also brings new game modes. Such as the extremely fun Beast mode, offering the opportunity for players to battle it out on either the mercenary or demon armies. As enemies are downed points are accrued and can be spent on more powerful units to aid your side. Demon or Merc, only the strongest and smartest will survive. Play Hard. Die Hard.