GRID Autosport Discipline Focus Tuner Trailer

GRID Autosport verschijnt op 27 juni op de Xbox 360 en PlayStation 3

Bandai Namco en Codemasters hebben een nieuwe trailer van GRID Autosport vrijgegeven. De game ligt eind juni in de winkels dus tot die tijd moeten de race fans het doen met trailers. Lees hieronder een stukje waar de trailer over gaat en laat ons eens weten of jij de game gaat halen.

In the video, gameplay footage of GRID Autosport’s Tuner discipline shows custom tuned cars breaking traction and getting sideways in front of cheering crowds as they compete in competitions including Drift events and Time Attack events. The video also features insight from drivers from the Lassa Tyres Drift Team, who compete in the professional British Drift Championship. They explain how to succeed and what it feels like to participate in these spectacular events, including Simon Perry who comments, “you feel as you drift around, you know where the edge of your limits are,” and Jody Fletcher who adds, “it’s not all about who comes first, it’s showing your driving style, it’s being flamboyant in the car. You’ve got to control the car, the car doesn’t control you.”

GRID Autosport’s Tuner events feature series dedicated to single-purpose, modified and tuned vehicles. Players will show their control and flair in head-to-head Drift events where gamers score points for the quality of their drifts and chaining drifts together. These events are not about being the quickest but demonstrating mastery over a vehicle in its most unstable state. Gamers will also put tuned vehicles to the test in races and set their fastest lap in multi-car Time Attack events. To bring alive the authentic experience of racing and drifting in these style of events, Codemasters has consulted extensively with real-world professional drivers.