GRID Autosport Discipline Focus / Open Wheel Trailer

GRID Autosport verschijnt op 27 juni op de Xbox 360 en PlayStation 3

Codemasters heeft een nieuwe trailer van GRID Autosport vrijgegeven. De trailer laat gameplaybeelden zien van de game’s Open-Wheel racing discipline. Echte coureurs als Jake Hill en Alice Powell, Danny Keirle van de Young Racing Driver Academy en Arden International Motorsport’s GP3 racer Patric Neiderhauser praten je bij over deze discipline. Lees hieronder nog een stukje van het persbericht over de Open Wheel discipline en bekijk de trailer daaronder.

In GRID Autosport’s Open-Wheel events, players must race smoothly and shave seconds off each and every lap in lightweight racing cars designed for a phenomenal power-to-weight ratio. Slipstreaming and picking the correct line around each corner is vital in a range of series typically featuring a single car class. Open-Wheel race cars are masterpieces of racing engineering where contact can quickly lead to the end of a driver’s race, so players must execute clean passes at high speed in order to win. Codemasters has consulted with drivers who have competed in Open-Wheel races to bring the experience of racing these cars alive authentically.

GRID Autosport features a range of cars and series in the Open-Wheel category. Players will get to test their skills in stunning examples of automotive excellence, including the Dallara F312, Ariel Atom 3.5, Caparo T1, Dallara Indycar and many more. Open-Wheel events and championships in career mode and online are set on the game’s beautifully recreated circuits, including Circuit Mont Tremblant, Indianapolis, Spa Francorchamps and many more.