Nog niet bekend of God Eater 2 Rage Burst ook naar het westen komt

Bandai Namco heeft wat beelden laten zien van de uitbreiding van God Eater 2 genaamd God Eater 2 Rage Burst. God Eater 2 Rage Burst mag dan wel een uitbreiding zijn maar God Eater 2 heb je er niet bij nodig om te spelen. Naast nieuwe content zal de originele content van deel 2 ook toegevoegd worden. Een release is gepland op 19 februari 2015.

Wat tot nu toe bekend is over God Eater 2 Rage Burst

  • There will be a new Player System called either “Blood Rage” or “Rage Burst” in which a player can enter a heightened state of power by first completing certain requirements during the mission.
  • A gauge that is maintained through missions is on the bottom left corner. It is ready when the player deals enough damage and can be pulled down to activate. Upon doing so, the player is able to select an Aragami on the field to set an oath to the God Arc, and then to fulfill conditions of choice (such as dealing a specific amount of damage or breaking a part) within 30 seconds to activate a Rage Burst bar that lasts the same as a burst, 30s. Each oath and condition adds a stacking percentage blade damage bonus to the player while Rage Burst is in effect, leading to (based on prelimary screenshots and soundclips) the ability to exceed 400% damage(example: 1.2^5 x 1.7 = 423% damage). In Rage Burst, the player is completely immune and has greater mobility. Certain conditions offer bonuses such as HP fill upon successfully engaging Rage Burst. A special theme plays during Rage Burst itself.
  • Only players are able to use Rage Burst and it is usable once or twice per mission, making it non-spammable.
  • The UI is still under consideration.
  • The terms Blood Rage and Rage Burst have both been used.
  • It is unknown if Burst Duration Up affects Rage Burst, nor if Burst related skills affect Rage Burst by itself.
  • Damage Numbers will now be shown and also doubly indicate elemental super effective damage via red numbers.
  • New Aragami are set to appear. Amongst them is the Chrome Gawain. It has arm wings and is able to extend a blade from each arm giving it far reach. It has been noted to be simmilar to a panther. It’s head, claws and backwings have been confirmed to be breakable. Another new Aragami will be the Orochi, but little to no information has been revealed about it.
  • A new weapon type will be added to the available 5 blade types. It will be called the “Variant Scythe.” It is a long reach blade that is able to, at first, deal multiple hits and has a 4 hit combo. The choice of combo number could be a reference to the number 4 which has connections to death.
  • There will be new Blood Arts as shown in the TGS. One of them will be the Charge Slice.
  • New BGM and field for the Chrome Gawain and Helix Tree respectively.
  • The sequel main story to the original GE2’s main story will be continued; this time it will show the continuation of the fate of Julius Visconti and the other members of Blood.
  • New characters will appear in accordance to the new story content. One of these new characters joins the Blood ranks and is called Livie, a girl who wears a red hooded short cape and uses the new Variant Scythe weapon. Also, she is shown to be compatible with Julius’ God Arc.
  • The story of Rage Burst is set to emcompass 6 difficulty levels. It is unknown whether it takes place after or before the first Arc of God Eater 2, given that the second Arc of God Eater 2 concluded with no ending nor credits making it more of a side story.
  • Data Import has been confirmed, including from the PSP version of God Eater 2.
  • Cross save and cross play have been confirmed.
  • Cross buy is apparently not on the agenda (however this could change like God Eater 2’s online multiplayer mode which originally was not planned).
  • An English version has yet to be annouced, however a Traditional Chinese version has been annouced at the Asian PSN Conference for a coside release with the Japanese version. It is unknown whether the Traditional Chinese version will have English menues or not.
  • DLC carry over details have not been annouced.
  • Skill Install has been anounnced. This new system will allow players to add up to 4 skills into the God Arc.

(Bron: God Eater Wiki)