Het is tijd voor Dimension Drive!

2Awesome Studio heeft afgelopen week aangekondigd dat Dimension Drive vanaf nu op Steam Early Access verkrijgbaar is. Het indie team is al jaren bezig om hun geweldige shoot-em-up op de markt te brengen en hebben ook zeker wat tegenslagen meegemaakt.

We plan to be in Early Access for a period of 6 to 12 months where we will release a new level every two weeks as part of The Multiverse bi-weekly challenge. After that period of time, the level will be gone for ever, and players will enjoy the new bi-weekly challenge. On top of that we will obviously do bug fixing and finish the rest of the story mode. Last but not least important, we plan to share with our community the development road-map, so we all can agree on what features / bug fixing to bring in the game first. – 2Awesome Studio

Bekijk hieronder de launch trailer voor Steam Early Access.