Dead Space 3 krijgt nieuwe game modes na uitspelen.

Game kun je proberen, demo te downloaden.

Nog een week en dan kunnen we aan de slag met Dead Space 3. Steve Papoutsis, executive producer van Dead Space 3, heeft voor de release aangegeven wat er vrijgespeeld wordt als je de game hebt uitgespeeld:


“Lets you start a new game with all your upgrades and arsenal intact.”


“For the DS1 veterans out there. It’s single-player only, uses ‘classic’ aiming, and there’s no crafting – all weapons have to be built from blueprints, a la the original game.”

Pure Survival:

“If you like survival horror and resource management, this is the mode for you. Enemies ONLY drop resources, and there’s no ammo, health, or weapon parts to be found. You’ll have to choose what to craft every time you see a bench. Upgrade? Med Pack? Plasma Core? Think fast – there’s a Waster right around the corner!”


“Choose this mode, and you only get one life to live for the entire campaign. Make sure to wear a clean pair of boxers when you play.

Daarnaast heeft Papoutsis aangegeven dat er nieuwe content voor Dead Space 3 aan zit te komen na de release.

Papoutsis: Without letting slip any concrete details, the content will be “coming in a few weeks.”

“The team is hard at work on a top secret additional story that will be coming in a few weeks, we’re not saying much, yet – but think ‘disturbing’ to get your imaginations going.

(Bron: XAO)