Crazy Monkey Studios en ClaeysBrothers komen met Guns, Gore & Cannoli

Guns, Gore & Cannoli veschijnt op de PC, Wii U, Xbox One en PlayStation 4

Crazy Monkey Studios en ClaeysBrothers laten weten dat ze bezig zijn met Guns, Gore & Cannoli. De game moet dit najaar gaan verschijnen. Lees hieronder het volledige persbericht en bekijk wat screenshots.

Welcome to Chicago circa 1920, the height of Prohibition. A rough time for your average joe, but a golden opportunity for the self made man. An era where a smart, enterprising fella could get ahead of life and squirrel away a few nuts for a rainy day… Of course you’d have to live to see that rainy day. A hard-boiled job when the outfit’s two biggest families are at each other’s throats. A little bit tougher when the city is overrun with the undead.

Prepare yourself for a non-stop, action-packed, completely over-the-top, period, platform game. Set against the gangster heyday of the roaring twenties. Lose yourself in an exciting, elaborate tale of the underground and underworld. Experience friendship, betrayal, vengeance, and witness first hand the rise and fall of a criminal mastermind.

This is survival horror, wise guy style… Capiche?

Genre Defining Gameplay:

  • A seamless blend of highly detailed hand drawn graphics, animated cinematics and platform action that puts you in control of a vibrant animated feature.
  • Fight, shoot and blast your way through a deeply engrossing storyline that delivers a heart pounding blend of action, gore and laugh out loud amusement.
  • Find dozens of unique weapons, each offering their own distinct style of play and strategy. Crack some heads up close and personal with a faithful Louisville Slugger, or drill those zombies from a distance with a Chicago Typewriter. Odds are you’ll need everything you can get your hands on to survive not just the undead, but rival gangs and any other nasty surprises the windy city has hiding up her skirt.
  • Easy, intuitive controls create an addictively fast pace.
  • Bonus features include unlockable game goals and secret gameplay modes.