Company of Heroes 2 The Western Front Armies factie trailers

Company of Heroes 2 The Western Front Armies verschijnt deze maand

SEGA heeft een tijdje geleden een nieuwe standalone multiplayer content aangekondigd voor Company of Heroes 2. De content, genaamd The Western Front Armies, brengt spelers terug naar de westerse linie. Er is ook nieuwe content in de vorm van de Amerikaanse strijdkrachten en de Duitse Oberkommando West en laten we daar nu net een nieuwtje over hebben. Er is namelijk meer bekend gemaakt over deze twee facties. Lees de informatie hieronder en bekijk de beide trailers.

Oberkommando West
The Oberkommando West , battle hardened and newly equipped, are a resurgent and very dangerous foe. Despite being challenged by an economy nearly shattered after years of continuous war, the OberKommando West still manage to field some of the most impressive heavy armor yet seen: the technical prowess of Germany is on full display as devastating armored force equipped with a new generation of super-heavy tanks repeatedly counterattack the US Forces attempting to drive into the heart of Germany.

US Forces
Under the Command of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, US Forces have driven ashore on the bloody beaches of Normandy and fought their way deep into Europe driving back the German war machine. Now battle fatigued and spread out on enemy soil, an army made of citizen soldiers are pitted against a battle-hardened professional military with over four years’ experience. Facing the best Germany has to offer, the US Forces fight desperately and viciously to expand the frontlines.