Call of Duty Ghosts Patch 1.14 verschenen

Ga jij Call of Duty Ghosts Invasion spelen?

Er is een nieuwe patch voor Call of Duty Ghosts verschenen. Deze patch moet er voor zorgen dat de invasion DLC, die morgen verschijnt, goed gaat draaien en het pakt nog wat andere problemen aan. Patch 1.14 is er voor de PlayStation 4 en PlayStation 3. Lees hieronder de gehele lijst met fixes.


Spawn system has an improved ability to select better spawns when valid spawn locations are limited.

Wapen balance

One shot to the body and one shot to the head is no longer a kill for ARs, SMGs and LMGs. Increases time to kill in this scenario.


Overall anti-cheat improvements.

Additionele fixes:

Replaced Hunted victor operations and requirements to work with Gun Game.
Fixed 60 second match timer that could occur after playing a clan public playlist match then starting a Private Match with CODeSports disabled.


Player class is now displayed in game above players’ heads along with their gamertag.
Kastet rounds now explode at any distance.
Fixed an issue where players that exceeded 10 minutes in Chaos mode would get lulls.
Fixed drill not respawning at last place picked up after falling off the map while carrying it.
Fixed Gargoyle getting stuck in the air.
Fixed issue that allowed the player to use an IMS with a propane tank to teleport outside of the map.
Challenge adjustments and fixes.
Balancing updates.
Various bug fixes to improve stability and performance.
Kills are now correctly displayed on the Player Stats comparison screens.