Destiny wordt goed door Bungie in de gaten gehouden!

Bungie is continu bezig om onze speelervaring te optimaliseren en dat doen ze met frequente updates en hotfixes. Hieronder vindt je de veranderingen die onlangs zijn aangebracht.

“Bungie is hard at work behind the scenes, updating Destiny to make it better,” zei Bungie community manager David Dague .”We’ve rolled out numerous patches, tuning updates, and server adjustments. For instance, the frequency of public events has more than doubled.” Dague zei ook nog “We’ll keep working to ensure our server performance remains stable for our already sizeable community, which has shattered previous records for any Bungie game to date. In an effort to keep our community up-to-date on these changes, patch notes will continue to appear on The team is committed to a steady stream of post launch support, including the addition of some much requested features.”


  • Fixes for Xbox One bootflow issues
  • Changes in network configuration to improve stability
  • Fixes for issues causing game crashes


  • Public Events should occur twice as frequently in public spaces