Een Alien: Isolation interview met Alistair Hope, dat kunnen we jullie natuurlijk niet onthouden.

Op Gamescom hebt ik de mogelijkheid gehad om de creative director van Alien: Isolation, Alistair Hope, the kunnen spreken. En natuurlijk hebben we een aantal vragen zijn richting uitgegooid. Dus lees hieronder het Alien: Isolation interview met Alistair Hope.

Kijk-Online: The game looks amazing, how did you get the atmosphere so much like the original movie.

Hope: We’re big fans of the first film. It all comes back to where we started, we wanted to make the game that we wanted to play. Going back to the roots of the series. The previous games focussed about the marines, action and lots of Aliens but none about the first film.
We wanted to create a story as close as possible to that first one, take advantage of that lo-fi sci-fi, 70’s look and feel. We also really wanted make a really immersive game that pulls you in, holds you in and that gives you the feeling that you’re back in that first film. And a big part of that is our Alien, it’s kind of the heart of the game, everything is built around him. The fact that he’s reacting to the player and the events in the world makes him really unpredictable.
You got the immersion of the world and the pressure of the Alien, those two two things combined really grab the player.

Kijk-Online: We’ve seen other threats, like no gravity and the oxygen failing. Are there other things we should be wary of?

Hope: Well we got human survivors, who can be a positive influence and be helpful, or they can be panicked and aggressive. We got the androids who are, basically the same, some trying to help you out and others being really dangerous.
And then the world around you is very dangerous, acting like a puzzle to the player, they have to navigate the dangers, being cautious and really thinking about the world around you. Trying to locate the threats, like equipment failure on the spacestation.

Kijk-Online: Will we see the bodies of the original crew at some point, or a mention of them, besides in the pre-order dlc?

Hope: The game takes space in deep space, 15 years after the Nostromo went missing, they found the black box of the ship and went to retrieve it, which obviously didn’t go the way they expected.
There is a kind of strong story to the game and there are a number of mysteries going on which the player reveals trough the game. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there are a lot of mysteries to uncover.

Kijk-Online: how open is the game? Can I skip parts of the game, so I can to finish it faster?

Hope: Like I said, there is a strong story structured to the game, but at the same time we allow the player to explore the station. So if you want to go back to unlock certain locations and items then you are free to do so, but you can choose not to.

Kijk-Online: I assume you played the game yourself. What was the longest you went without dying?

Hope: I die all the time. That’s really interesting about this game. We built it, we’ve been working on it for four years, by now you would think that we would be able to just fly trough it. But if I was playing it right now my heart would be pumping, I would be concentrating very hard trying not to die.
And i really don’t know how long. But that’s the interesting thing, you’re playing this game moment to moment. It’s about these small victories, little stepping stone. Knowing that you did actually make it.

Kijk-Online: We’ve heard about the challenges, will you be able to compare with other player how well or bad you did?

Hope: Its a separate time based challenge mode. It’s a really tense, compressed experience. You start in one point and you need to get to the other point, while you are up against the clock. And of course also the Alien. So it really puts a pressure on you to keep moving and take risks because of the timer.
It has a score based system, so you’ll be able to compare your score to your friends’.

Kijk-Online: What will weyland-yutani’s part be in the game. Good or bad this time?

Hope: Again, it’s part of the story and I don’t really want to spoil too much. But they are the ones that send out the expedition to retrieve the Nostromo’s black box, so they are certainly involved.

Kijk-online: We’ve seen the one big Alien, but are face huggers or chest bursters going to make an appearance?

Hope: The focus of this was alway to see what it would be like to encouter original Ridley Scott’s original Alien and for the first time experience what that encounter would be like. So that has been the focus of what we’ve been trying to do.

Kijk-Online: Word has it the game had an Occulus Rift demo at the last E3. how did you come to this? How about plans for Sony’s Project Morpheus?

Hope: That came out because I was convinced that the technology would be perfect for our game. We came out and said that this is a prototype experience of Alien: Isolation. It was fenominal and the reception that we got was amazing. But we do need to figure out what that means. It’s a really exciting time to be making video games. To me this is the best bit, putting the game in peoples’ hands on the floor or as a prototype and see their reactions.
So VR was kind of a test and we need to see where it goes from here.

Kijk-Online: Finally, do you you have anything to say to our dutch readers?

Hope: Don’t just take my word for it, get your hands on the game and try it out. This is a completely different experience from any other Alien game out there.
And good luck trying to survive.